For those who have been keeping up, I still need more time before I can update the demo with the game's fourth area. I'm very sorry, last week ended up being a lot more stressful on me than I thought. When I finish polishing it, I'll upload it and make a post whether it's a Saturday or not.  I was working on a certain spoilerish enemy for late game areas yesterday and figured it would be a neat idea to show off some early to midgame enemies off. As I as making the gifs for the devlog I got frustrated at how I had to compress the gifs so small and ugly, so I'm including imgur links to higher quality versions of the gifs over the uploaded versions.

Morphology: Purple Spider. Low intelligence, hunts in packs to provide safety in numbers. Consumes all forms of flesh, living or not. Rumored to be able to be trained as a pet.


Morphology: Green Spider. Very territorial.  Attacks by curling into a ball and rolling at high speeds on sight.  Poor hearing senses, susceptible from behind.


Morphology: Yellow Bee. Hunts in packs, extremely aggressive. Seemed to have traveled from a distant land, as their hive location is as of yet unknown.


Morphology: Blue Fly. Despite being extremely fragile, frequently pops out of holes to search for food. Holes may or may not contain infinity of them.


Morphology: Giant Worm. Tunnels through the soil, only emerging to roar and fly through the air. Completely invincible to current technology, but a specimen that means no harm.


Morphology: Purple Larva. Larva have an inmate ability to spit volatile acid that burns living flesh. Nobody knows what they grow into.


Morphology: Balloon. This bizarre creature floats harmlessly in the air. When it senses danger, it hardens into a spiked ball and drops to the ground. When floating, it can easily hold the weight of indigenous cockroaches.


Morphology: Dragonfly. Indigenous flying creatures that dominate the insect kingdom. Ruled by Queen Dragonfly, the dragonfly race is categorized into different roles, denoted by color. Green dragonflies are proficient in diplomacy, while red dragonflies are warriors and guardians. Dragonflies were said to have been in a war with the Lizardmen tribe in ancient times, and claim to have been the supreme victors that made the race go extinct. However, after the war the dragonflies were forced to relocate from the underground swamp to the icy mountaintops and forced themselves to eat special herbs that warm their bodies. Despite the contradicting evidence, they aren't going to be telling lowly cockroaches the truth any time soon.


Morphology: Octopus. Mostly passive territorial creature, it has the ability to send electrical charges through it's body when provoked. Despite having a single large eyeball, this creature is not inherently evil. Considered a delicacy to dragonflies.

Morphology: Fish. Carnivorous killing machine that eats anything that goes under the waves.


Morphology: Skullhead. An amalgamation of a host's DNA and cells originating from some kind of dark infection. Despite their appearances, Skullheads do not eat, sleep or breathe and have very short lifespans. They only seek to destroy life and wander aimlessly until they run out of energy. On closer inspection within the skull, there is some sort of eyeball controlling a black mass, pulling everything around from the inside like a puppet.


Here's a bonus, the enemy type I was working on. Remember that it's somewhat spoilerish:


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Aug 04, 2019

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