A downloadable game for Windows

-This is a demo for action-adventure platformer game, Insect Adventure.

-The game is early in development, however the first two areas of the game are fully explorible with the third lacking only a couple rooms near the end.

-Controllers are supported and highly recommended.

-Customizable controls are in an alternate .exe which can also be accessed within the game's pause screen. Please check the control layout before starting the game.

-You can get the Hammer, Ledge Grab and Bombs, the last of which can be exploited to find many secrets sewn across the game's map.

-Bosses aren't finished, only one has sprites but no AI.

-My focus right now is to make the platforming fun and the room layouts to flow well together. If I update again, there will be bosses.

-The game is semi-moddable, the external files in the music and demo folders can be replaced with files of the same type and name.

-The game's story sucks. Something something something you're in an underground labyrinth searching for an exit and you also have to rescue your beloved friend Mayo from the evil Lizardman.

-If I get enough attention I'll update it to include the level editor I used to build the rooms for the game.

Install instructions

Just unzip the game into an empty folder.


Insect Adventure Demo 159 MB


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Hm, already stuck at the start dialog.
No matter which buttn I press on the keyboard it wom't move on with the dialog.
The A X Z buttons mentioned in the control.exe don't help either. :-/