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-Fast-paced, action packed metroidvania-styled goodness that does not hold back!

-Battle against hoards of crawling, rolling and flying insects. Perform combo attacks with your hammer and sub-weapons, and even juggle enemies. Crank up the difficulty and find yourself surrounded by dozens of enemies!

-Fight massive bosses with intricate behaviors. Learn their patterns and weaknesses, and become the boss of them!

-Explore a massive map with lots of winding paths, secret areas and shortcuts. Multiple playthroughs and speedrunning are greatly encouraged!

-Loads of abilities to discover. Sub-weapons, movement tech, and equippable augmentations are all at your disposal! Mix and match abilities to how you see fit in your playstyle. No two playthroughs will look the same!


In a world similar to ours, there is a kingdom of insects in the mountains.
As a cockroach named Bugsy, you stumble upon a monstrous lizardman who kidnaps your precious friend Mayo. A sudden earthquake causes you to tumble deep into an elaborate, maze-like series of underground tunnels.

With a large hammer at hand, explore an ancient, underground civilization where monsters lurk every corner, and priceless relics are up for the taking. Power yourself up with these mystical items to overcome the challenges that await and rescue Mayo from the lizardman! But the earthquakes have been happening seem all too coincidental. Could it be the signs of something even greater, hiding below the surface?

Note: This is a demo version of a near-finished version of the product. The demo ends after defeating the boss of the Great Tree.

Install instructions

Just extract the .zip folder, double-click on the new folder created, double-click the InsectAdventure.exe and you're good to go! Controller highly recommended.

The "campaigns" folder is essential for the game to work, so you shouldn't move it. It contains the data for all the maps, music, and graphics.

Patch Notes:

11/25/19: Uh... most everything is overhauled. Fixed a possible crash with the intro cutscene when you start a new file.

7/10/19: Changed the extension on how the game reads inputs. Now the game doesn't lag on boot up and the memory leak is far, far less severe. The only cost is that the right analog stick can't move the camera, although I doubt many people used it in the first place.

7/7/19: Fixed a typo in the intro and a glitch where controls weren't saved after death.


IADemo11.23.19.zip 46 MB
IADemo 9.6.19.zip 57 MB

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I'm so happy to see this getting updated frequently! This game absolutely rocks.


That really means a lot to me, thank you. Stay tuned to another update this weekend!